First Impressions from Developing Gutenberg Blocks Discussion

January 16, 2018

For those of you that don’t know, Gutenberg is the project name for the re-imagining of the WordPress editorial experience.

Previously, I talked about what excites me about Gutenberg. Since then I havve turned that excitement into action, doing a deeper dive and learning how to develop Gutenberg blocks over the last few weeks.

During this experience I’ve beenc conecting with others in the community and having discussion around Gutenberg.

Two of those folks, Zac Gordon of and Daniel Bachhuber, and myself thought that others may benefit from this as well so we are going to live stream our discussion!

The casual Gutenberg discussion will be 01/16/2018 about our first impressions developing for Gutenberg. If you would like to listen, and I hope that you do, you can register here.